Equipment Financing & Leasing and other commercial lending services for businesses large and small from coast to coast.

SFS... providing financial leverage for growth, seamless financial services programs for end user financing, e-commerce solutions and custom financial solutions for buyers of capital equipment. Over the years we have helped companies of every size to capitalize on a vast range of business building opportunities. We can do the same for you through the development of solutions that meet your unique commercial lending needs.

Products/ Programs for Manufacturers, Dealers and Vendors of Capital Equipment:
By giving your customers greater financial options you give yourself more opportunity to close sales. Let us help provide innovative financial tools for end user financing that will help grow your business.

Acquiring Equipment?: To stay ahead of the competition and make your company more profitable you need the latest and best equipment available. We can help!

Advantages: 9 out of 10 U.S. companies lease or finance some portion of their capital
equipment...find out why!

Apply Now: Enjoy the simplicity of our e-application. You may also print and fax if you prefer.

Financial Terms: A glossary of financial and leasing terms for your reference. This is the page to cure insomnia.

SecureLeaseTM: State-of-the-Art e-commerce center for our dealer, distributor and manufacturing partners. On-line application system, transaction tracking, credit scoring and documentation available 24/7. Ask your SFS Representative about this business building B2B center.

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